Serving from CCC

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations...

Matthew 28:19

The gospel pushes us to have a welcoming outward facing orientation toward secular or de-churched people who do not believe in Christianity. A holistic emphasis on ministry in both word and deed and a concern for the poor, hurting, and broken.

Local Missions

Brock Mills, Kevin Drewry

Hernando, MS

Daniel and Kendall Myrick

Marks, MS

International Missions

Wes Baker and Esdras

Trujillo, Peru

Church Planting

Mike and Roxanne Winebrenner

Horn Lake, MS

Hunter and Vicki Brewer

Collierville, TN

Reformed University Fellowship

John Craft

Memphis, TN

John Crosby

Ro Taylor

Memphis, TN
Cleveland, MS

Anthony Forrest

Jackson, MS

Spencer Sipe

Nashville, TN