Our Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

Empowered by His grace, Christ Covenant Church humbly seeks to be a genuine body of believers expressing authentic love for others in Hernando and everywhere we are called to serve.

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Our Vision

Christ Covenant Church is a body of grace recipients that worships the triune God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, participating in and witnessing its redemptive impact on Hernando, Desoto County, and all creation.

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Our Commitment

We have three core values which give us hope and shape our vision at Christ Covenant Church:

Renewing Grace: The gospel of grace is the key to all life change. The gospel speaks to our spiritual needs, but also to our mental, emotional and physical needs. Its reach is as far as sin, and so is its healing.

Redemptive Community: God doesn’t simply intend to save individual souls, but to create a new humanity and community of relationships. Therefore, we are not simply to come to church to receive inspiration and information, but to engage in real intentional and authentic personal relationships.

Restorative Mission: The gospel pushes us to have a welcoming outward facing orientation toward secular or de-churched people who do not believe in Christianity. A holistic emphasis on ministry in both word and deed and a concern for the poor, hurting, and broken.